I completed a scroll for a Mag Mor baronial award, the Espiritu Mag Mor, in the spring of 2006 – my first commission. This is one of the highest awards in the barony, given just once each year, to the person who best represents the spirit of Mag Mor. The recipient that year was Natalya Alekseya Vasilova, who was also a scribe. So I felt a fair bit of pressure to do well.n_a2

I went with my beloved Lindesfarne gospel style.  I don’t believe I did the calligraphy. These photos are snippets shared with the CalontirScribes group before the award was presented, so only include tiny parts, while the featured image has the full photo after it was presented.n_a1

To prepare, I remember studying the Lindesfarne Gospels online, and created a whole sample board of the all the gouache colors I had, with shades darker and lighter. There were about 150 half-inch diameter circles on the piece of Bristol Board. After I tested all the colors, I looked and tried to match colors. Then I filled in more circles, and listed how I mixed 2 parts of this with 1 part of that color, etc. – until I had a full sheet of color choices, and was able to pick the few ones that really matched small number of colors in Eadfrith’s original masterpiece.

n_aFor years afterwards, I would look at that page, to see how to mix the color I wanted for a specific scroll.

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